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The Top Three Web Design Tips For Small Businesses

The design of your website can contribute to the number of sales you are able to make every day. Most people do not put a lot of time into how their website will look. They automatically assume that the free template that they have chosen is popular because it has many downloads, and they may populate that website with too many images, getting potential buyers confused. Here are three Web design tips that you need to use if you have a small business if you want to be successful.

Have Your Website Designed By A Professional

There is one thing in common that most major successful businesses do with their website. Each of them is completely unique. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you need to have a website that showcases not only your products, but it needs to be distinctly yours when they arrive. By doing so, this will allow them to remember your website apart from all of the others which may be selling similar items. The appearance of your website is important, but it also needs to be designed in a way that will make it easier to index – see examples at Websites Northern Ireland.

Create A Proper Linking Structure

The next thing that you must do is ensure that the linking structure of your website is easy to follow. For example, it needs to have a column on the right or left with links directly to your categories. In each of the categories, you need to have a separate post or page which will have the different items that you are selling listed. The name of each page and post needs to reflect the item you are selling so that it can be indexed and easily found by people searching on the web. Finally, it needs to have a site map which the search engine spiders can find, index, and allow you to get hundreds or even thousands of pages indexed in record time.

Less Is Always More

The final strategy is to always use a very specific design strategy with your website that incorporates only the essentials. You need to have your logo, name of your company, contact information, and just a few of the products that you are selling displayed in front. Instead of trying to present as many products as possible to entice people to click on them, you only need to have two or three showing. If they are interested with what they see, they will choose to follow the links themselves, as well as look at all of the other products you are selling, using the side column links, or the drop-down menu, which will eventually lead to more sales.

By following these simple design tips, this will not only help you make more sales, but more people will be able to find you on the web. Having a proper structure to your website, and by only using a minimal amount of graphics on the front page, you can ensure your success as you are trying to sell more of your products on the web. Just make sure that all of this is done by a professional web design team that can create a proper website for you and your business.